Digital Landscape Rendering Concept
Digital Landscape Rendering Concept
Digital Landscape Rendering Reality
Digital Landscape Rendering Reality

Filters, Photoshop, etc. are all things we do to photos to make the subjects more attractive. Some refer to it as catfishing, and others as a sales pitch or marketing. As we get older, we learn concept vs. reality. Experience teaches us not to get our hopes up. Unfortunately, the same thing happens when we create digital concept renderings for landscapes. I know that when I create them, they come with an *asterisk. That asterisk pointing out that the drawing is just that! A drawing.


The concept is simple. A rendering is used to get an “idea” of what it will look like. However, we will sometimes see that this “idea” creates an unrealistic expectation. Don’t let that happen.


The reality is, a computer drawing is an artistic rendition, and not reality. Just like on Instagram, don’t be fooled by the fake. Although they are happy, little trees in the drawing, in real life, they have a wonky limb and maybe some miss-coloration in the leaves. Don’t let this deter you, as over time, you will get closer to looking like the concept with a proper care plan.


I like to live like, you get what you pay for. Something for free, should be and something that is worthwhile has a value and should be charged for. It’s pretty common to see a couple hundred dollars charged to create a computer drawing. In industry, renderings are not considered part of a “Free Estimate”. They take time, and we all know, time is money.


In conclusion, use the digital landscape rendering to get the point across of the design. Expect the reality to be new plants, vs established, mature ones. And don’t be mad at anyone but your self if you end up disappointed in the reality vs the concept.

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