Position: Owner / Engineer
David Brucker, P.E.

I am a serial entrepreneur and licensed Civil Engineer. Undoubtedly, one of the most certified drainage consultants in town. 😉

It’s great being able to assist my clients with experience and knowledge very few in this industry can match.

I’m alumni of Olathe South High School and I went to South Dakota School of Mines and Technology for my Bachelor’s of Science in Civil Engineering. This IS my Hometown.


A registered engineer in the states of Kansas and Missouri, I have over 20 years of construction, engineering and project management experience. The basis of my design experience is land development that runs from concept to completion.

My engineering experience focuses on working with and for municipal governments as well as large area property owners. I spent several years as the on-demand engineer for the local county wastewater department (JCW) as well as designed and managed numerous new roadway and rehabilitation projects for several local City governments. I have designed several high-hazard dams and represented owners for DNR compliance of established permitted dams.

For a short time, I held the position of CEO / General Manager at a local native plant nursery and warehouse. They specialized in items related to the Clean Water Act.


I was one of 4 founding Principals at Level-4 Engineering. Prior to the firm’s acquisition, Level-4 reached annual revenues in excess of $2M within the first couple years.

I am the inventor and creator of Draincube. It’s an evolved rain-barrel. Click the link and check it out!

In 2014 I created the Facebook group StolenKC. Today it has over 140,000 members and is responsible for reuniting many, many theft victims with their stolen asset.


Patented! I have a Patent titled “Water Capture, Storage and Distribution”. With this patent, I created a rainwater harvesting device called DrainCube.

Owner / Operator

When Holly, my wife, and I started out… I was in the field doing what we do seven days a week. I gained several years of hands-on knowledge and experience that developed our processes of operation in place today.

Now, 10-plus years later, day to day, Holly and I operate Hometown Lawn, LLC providing construction restoration & property maintenance/management services to Municipal, Commercial and Residential properties. We can handle anything from the structure to the curb. And boy have we grown over these last 10-plus years.

Just for Fun

For fun, I like to collect and ride BMX bicycles. My collection includes many from the early 1980’s and my riders are retro and modern bikes. Bike collecting is a lot cheaper than cars. lol. We also like to go, as a family, to Lake Stockton. It’s a Corps of Engineers lake in Missouri about 2 hours from our home. Pretty good chance you’ll find us there on any given weekend in the Summer. In the winter, we travel a bit further south to St. Pete Beach, Fl.


    Meet the Team

    Scott Strain

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    Tina Bills

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    Greg Zerr

    David Brucker, P.E.

    Owner / Engineer