Hometown (Olathe, KS) offers residential sprinkler repair and new sprinkler installation services. Our service area includes: Olathe, Overland Park, Leawood, Lenexa, Mission Hills, Shawnee, Spring Hill, Stanley, Stilwell. We are service professionals for new installation, repair and maintenance of any-brand of existing systems and can provide review / analysis for existing system optimization.

Hometown provides sprinkler installation, repair and maintenance for all lawn irrigation systems.

Where to start for Sprinkler Installation?

Dry, hard soils… for this reason, our poor local grasses hate Summer. Given that proper lawn care includes proper irrigation and drainage, we can install new systems, service your old system or even update and upgrade that almost new one.

Sprinkler Service and Installation

Hometown is a Silver Level Hunter Irrigation Preferred Contractor

In short, Hometown provides sprinkler installation, repair and maintenance for all lawn irrigation systems. Altogether, we service all brands, and these brands include: Hunter, Rain Bird, Toro and many others. In brief, our new systems include the latest of Hunter WiFi Controllers. Also, a combination of Hunter and Rain Bird brand components. The Hunter controllers are internet-connected, consequently they manage watering better than any rain sensor out there. We work along landscape designers and contractors in order to both design and install systems for municipal, commercial and residential sites. Our systems are designed and optimized for both water and fiscal responsibility. We understand and implement water management practices to be sure water is used efficiently.

Analysis of Existing Sprinkler Systems

In addition to new irrigation and service, we specialize in existing sprinkler system audits. Given that these audits review performance for function and improvement. Being that completing a review, we would make recommendations for upgrades. Given that upgrades may include evaluating head location and type, or maybe adding micro drip irrigation for flower pots, landscape beds and water feature level maintenance.

The Importance of Good Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is always important. We are continually striving to offer reliable, friendly, and knowledgeable service. – Thus a hallmark of how we have built our reputation. Coupled with our employees are highly skilled and have been with our company for years.

Sprinkler General Maintenance, Repair and Service

We have decades of experience repairing, servicing, optimizing and maintaining sprinkler systems. Subsequently no matter the brand or age. Our teams can help with the following:

  • Proper Coverage
  • Leaks
  • Breaks
  • Controller / Timer
  • Zones not working
  • Busted heads
  • Head Re-location

Residential Sprinkler Backflow Certifications

In general, we can perform all municipality backflow certifications. Some types of backflows are:

  • Double Check
  • Reduced Pressure Zone (RPZ)
  • Pressure Vacuum Breakers (PVB)

Request a Backflow Certification

Spring Sprinkler Start-Up

Our Spring start-up service consists of coming to your home in order to turn-on, review & program your residential sprinkler system for the upcoming season. We perform our 19-point checklist. In particular, we will activate, review and start-up your sprinkler system. In any event, our goal always is to best optimize your system for the upcoming season’s operation.

 Key service points are:

  1. Check connections, backflow and lines for leaks or breaks
  2. Check all heads for leaks or functioning issues
  3. Align all heads
  4. Set timers for Spring watering
  5. Discuss any findings or concerns with the Client

End of Season Sprinkler Winterization

Sprinkler Fall winterization, or Blow-out. Overall this is done by connecting your system to an air compressor. In any case, the target is to vacate the water in the pipes and heads with air. In essence, no water means no broken piping. Learn more here…