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Outdoor Basketball Court

Custom Basketball Court w/ Tiles

A custom athletic court is awesome to have in your own yard. “If you build it, they will come.” A famous movie line becomes real-life when you are the yard for the kids to come play. It’s pretty cool to have a court in the backyard to play basketball, tennis, pickleball, shuffleboard or a linty of other options, but it elevates to another level when you add the tiles. We are a dealer for Versacourt Tiles. Check out their website, these tiles are cool and the options are limitless.


Here we have a custom-size athletic court that the owner wanted to focus on a full lane and partial 3-point line. Owner opted for a 72″ backboard goal and 400w equivalent LED outdoor light on a 15′ pole. Pole contains an easy access outdoor switch for the light.

Construction Methods

Some key factors to completing these types of projects correctly are pad elevation for drainage, orientation of the lighting and goal for sun and light noise, as well as overall location for appropriate usability of the court and remaining yard.

When knowingly installing the tiles, the concrete is finished with a slightly rougher broom finish than if left without. This additional texture provides less slip for the tiles once laid upon the concrete.


Cost is relative to a few things. How much grading to accommodate the drainage and usability. Then add your necessary concrete slab. The tiles are a bit of expense but are well worth it, if outdoor sports is your thing. I can’t speak highly enough about the Versacourt Tile System.

Underground Drainage - Overland Park

This is the body

outdoor hardscape kitchen kansas city
Hardscape Paver Patio and Wall Block

For this outdoor living project, we started with a concrete pad that we expanded. But we didn’t stop with the patio. Next was to install a built-in BBQ hard-lined to gas. We made the concrete more appealing by using Unilock hardscape pavers. The cooking and bar area was created using Lineo Dimensional Stone wall block. Kichler outdoor lighting was used to accent after dark.


The above-and-beyond for this paver patio project includes a gas line to the BBQ. No more refilling propane bottles. The seating bar was hardwired to add outlets. Electric in the bar area gives a place to charge a phone, or plug-in a crock pot.

Construction Methods

Kansas has clay soils, and clay is temperamental when it comes to water. Seems somewhat Goldilocks-ish. There’s too little water, then there’s too much, but what about just right? Because of the clay soils, we only place outdoor living pavers on top of concrete. The concrete isn’t as thick as a concrete patio would be if it were alone. A paver patio is only as good as the base, and at the expense of the pavers, there’s no room for saving a buck. With concrete under as a base, the pavers won’t move.


A paver patio cost is the most expensive options for patios. In the order of least cost to most cost is; 1.) Broom-finish concrete, 2.) Stamped / colored concrete, 3.) Then paver patio.

A paver patio is most expensive because done proper, it requires more labor and more materials. Another direct factor related to cost is the paver chosen. Unilock is probably the most expensive domestic man-made paver. It is because of design and quality. Walking barefoot on a Unilock paver patio is exactly like walking on Cloud 9.

Tiered Residential Retaining Wall

Scope: Install multiple retaining walls to ease yard slope.