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Yanrui is leaving
Yanrui is leaving
Yanrui is leaving…
Yanrui Liu has held the position of Fertilizer Technician and Agronomist.

Today is somber, and not only because of the weather. A familiar face for several years is leaving, but we hope he will return. Yanrui is from China, and he came to the states to go to college. He attended Kansas State University and earned a degree in Agronomy. We saw that and hired him on-the-spot. I still remember his application coming in via email. I called Greg immediately and said, we need this guy!

Yanrui came to us straight out of college. We were very lucky to have him join our team. Hometown was in the middle of growing thousands of Deep Cell Plugs for a native restoration contract we had for the City of Olathe. His book and lab knowledge was a great asset. We were able to grow some of the healthiest Deep Cell Plugs a municipal project has seen. This particular project won the APWA Local Project of the Year Award for Projects under $5million.

Having the plant knowledge he has, was used daily while representing Hometown as a Licensed Fertilizer Technician. In addition to his responsibilities in the field Yanrui assisted us in moving our recordkeeping digital. Doing so, we were able to save money and time on hardcopy form creation, completion and storage.

We say we hope to see him return, as he’s taking time to return home. Something he hasn’t done since he come here to begin college. That’s a long time to not see Mom or Dad. We hope that he is able and desires to return to our Hometown family someday. We appreciate everything he has contributed over time. Whether it was his passion and humor, or his sharing of Chinese traditions. I have to say, not every Chinese cookie is a treat. lol

Good Luck Yanrui, and we hope to See You Later.

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