We are a company of experts in drainage problems offering residential or commercial drainage solutions. Hometown offers experience and education coupled with hydraulic engineering resources to get the proper implemented solutions you need. We devise each drainage solution unique to your problem, by truly understanding all aspects in order to solve your issue.

Ever curious on how much rain we have received? We use a great resource operated by Johnson County, called Stormwatch. Here you can watch rainfall in real-time, look up historic rains and track much of the Metro.

Services Offered

Hometown offers a variety of drainage services. Such as: burying downspouts and sump drains. Grading of the ground to ensure proper overland flows. Removal of surface obstructions that may be causing a drainage problem. Commercial parking lot liability. We can correct any slip and fall hazards. And much more. Learn more in our blog post.

Our variety of drainage offerings allows for a turn-key solution for our client. One point of contact for the client means less coordination effort and a more complete project. We pride ourselves in a mantra of “The Last 2%.” It means, a complete job and no punch-list for our clients.

Residential Area Grading

residential area grading for better surface runoff is a drainage solution.
Here we cut out the existing grass, make our elevation changes and install the same grass when finished. A dense turf allows for this, but we always make sure that when changing elevations we are soil-to-soil to do so.

Commercial Drainage Solutions – Case Study

Residential Drainage Solutions – Case Study