Digital Landscape Renderings – Concept vs. Reality

Digital Landscape Rendering Concept
Digital Landscape Rendering Concept
Digital Landscape Rendering Reality
Digital Landscape Rendering Reality

Filters, Photoshop, etc. are all things we do to photos to make the subjects more attractive. Some refer to it as catfishing, and others as a sales pitch or marketing. As we get older, we learn concept vs. reality. Experience teaches us not to get our hopes up. Unfortunately, the same thing happens when we create digital concept renderings for landscapes. I know that when I create them, they come with an *asterisk. That asterisk pointing out that the drawing is just that! A drawing.


The concept is simple. A rendering is used to get an “idea” of what it will look like. However, we will sometimes see that this “idea” creates an unrealistic expectation. Don’t let that happen.


The reality is, a computer drawing is an artistic rendition, and not reality. Just like on Instagram, don’t be fooled by the fake. Although they are happy, little trees in the drawing, in real life, they have a wonky limb and maybe some miss-coloration in the leaves. Don’t let this deter you, as over time, you will get closer to looking like the concept with a proper care plan.


I like to live like, you get what you pay for. Something for free, should be and something that is worthwhile has a value and should be charged for. It’s pretty common to see a couple hundred dollars charged to create a computer drawing. In industry, renderings are not considered part of a “Free Estimate”. They take time, and we all know, time is money.


In conclusion, use the digital landscape rendering to get the point across of the design. Expect the reality to be new plants, vs established, mature ones. And don’t be mad at anyone but your self if you end up disappointed in the reality vs the concept.

If you have a project you would like to hire us for a rendering, please Contact Us for a Quote.

Let’s Talk Lawn Fertilizer Treatments

Hometown (Olathe, KS) offers commercial fertilizer lawn treatment services to the Johnson County area. I’m licensed in this and I have trouble keeping up. Keeping up with the latest competitor’s marketing plan that is. Hopping into the Way-Back Machine we used to get away with just a few turf applications a year. Today I see companies offering up to nine… 9 applications in a year. Huh? So, why is one company at 6 another at 7 and some at more? Let’s break that down.



Lush green grass is everyone’s goal. Barring mechanical activities, to get to lush is a balance of 3 criteria. Sun, food and water. I tell all my clients, grass needs sun, food and water. However, too much or too little, of any or all, and you won’t have grass. This post is about the food part of the balance, with a bit of medicine.

Commercial lawn mowing


Here in KC, we have a majority of lawns established as cool-season grasses. Bluegrass and fescue. I like to ask new clients if they have a Bluegrass or Fescue lawn… if they don’t rattle off Bluegrass or say I don’t know, then I jest “You have Fescue, because you would know if you had Bluegrass.” The reason is the dedication it takes to maintain a Bluegrass lawn in KC. The fine blade is very vulnerable to our harsh climate. So, we have 3-way Fescue blend grasses. What that means is there are 3 different species of fescue in a blend.

A proper fertilizer program assists for a beautiful lawn.

Common points for creating a blend are these three criteria:

  1. Beauty
  2. Disease Tolerance
  3. Drought Tolerance

There’s no such thing as an “all-around” single species, so we blend three of the best individual species for each of the noted above. 


Food is good. All living things require nutrients and grass is no exception. An industry rule-of-thumb is to target 2-4 pounds of nitrogen per 1,000 sqft per year on a cool-season turf grass lawn. An annual lawn fertilizer program at a minimum should deliver this 2-4 lbs/1,000 sqft /year.



A pest is defined as the “outsider”. Whether it be plant or animal, pest control is part of proper turf management. Pest control can be done environmentally and/or chemically. Today we are discussing chemical. Organic pest control pretty much should be non-existent. Get just about any researcher alone, and they will off-the-record tell you. Consequently, we don’t offer an Organic pest option, we recommend to use an environmental one instead. 

Pet safe lawn fertilizer treatments

Common Kansas City cool-season turf grass pests are:

  1. Crabgrass
  2. Broadleaf Weeds
  3. Insects / Worms (Grubs)    

An annual lawn fertilizer program should address all three of these cool-season pests.


The best defense is a good offense. We’ve all heard that cliche. In lawns it’s applies as well.  A dense turf is the best defense to pests. A dense turf will require less spot treatments, ie: chemicals as well as prevents erosion and is complementary to the landscape. 

Fertilizer application

A fertilizer application program can only do so much. Although it is both pro-active and re-active, it takes time to become effective. I advise clients it’s a year to start to see results and two years to really see the effects. Of course, in combination with proper mechanical and cultivation management.

Overall, a fertilizer program is a global address to turf health and not a be-all, end-all in lieu of proper cultivation, maintenance and watering. Turf management is a science, a skill and an art. What can take years to achieve, can take minutes to destroy and having a professional service provider can provide proper guidance to get the lawn of your desire.


So, down to brass tacks…

  1. Needs
    1. 4 lbs of nitrogen
    2. Crabgrass granular prevent
    3. Broadleaf Control
    4. Grub Control
  2. Options
    1. Insect Control
    2. Ph balancer
    3. Additional Nitrogen

I’m going to use our 6-Step Fertilizer Program as an example of how to achieve the minimum needs for an annual fertilizer program in Kansas City.

  1. Split Application of Crabgrass Prevent 13-0-0
  2. Split Application of Crabgrass Prevent 19-0-0
  3. Broadleaf Control
  4. Grub Control
  5. Fertilizer 18-24-12
  6. Winterizer 46-0-0

This program calculates to approximately 3.5 lbs. / 1,000 sqft / year

So we can see, we can hit the needs of most lawns in the 6 steps of our program. More steps would be required to address insects or to increase nitrogen, make it GREEN! Some lawns would need more, but only if a need is shown. It’s not something that would be assumed or should be pitched “just because”. 


Fertilizer Technician Says, “See You Later”.

Company News

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Yanrui is leaving
Yanrui is leaving
Yanrui is leaving…
Yanrui Liu has held the position of Fertilizer Technician and Agronomist.

Today is somber, and not only because of the weather. A familiar face for several years is leaving, but we hope he will return. Yanrui is from China, and he came to the states to go to college. He attended Kansas State University and earned a degree in Agronomy. We saw that and hired him on-the-spot. I still remember his application coming in via email. I called Greg immediately and said, we need this guy!

Yanrui came to us straight out of college. We were very lucky to have him join our team. Hometown was in the middle of growing thousands of Deep Cell Plugs for a native restoration contract we had for the City of Olathe. His book and lab knowledge was a great asset. We were able to grow some of the healthiest Deep Cell Plugs a municipal project has seen. This particular project won the APWA Local Project of the Year Award for Projects under $5million.

Having the plant knowledge he has, was used daily while representing Hometown as a Licensed Fertilizer Technician. In addition to his responsibilities in the field Yanrui assisted us in moving our recordkeeping digital. Doing so, we were able to save money and time on hardcopy form creation, completion and storage.

We say we hope to see him return, as he’s taking time to return home. Something he hasn’t done since he come here to begin college. That’s a long time to not see Mom or Dad. We hope that he is able and desires to return to our Hometown family someday. We appreciate everything he has contributed over time. Whether it was his passion and humor, or his sharing of Chinese traditions. I have to say, not every Chinese cookie is a treat. lol

Good Luck Yanrui, and we hope to See You Later.