Hometown is a contractor providing outdoor services
About Hometown

Hometown Lawn dba Hometown is a contractor providing clients construction and site-restoration/maintenance services for superior outdoor living. Our approach deviates from industry stereotypes by addressing pain-points and finishing the job through the last 2%.

Hometown is breaking stereotypes by using an innovative, diverse team to create and maintain superior outdoor living.

– Our Mission –

Our Clients

About our clients. Hometown Lawn, LLC dba Hometown is a locally-owned business. We provide all associated services for ground-up new construction, maintenance / restoration or repair. Current clients include Single Family Homes, HOA – Homeowner Associations, Property Management Companies, Banks and Lending Institutions for bank-owned properties, World-Wide Business grounds maintenance, multi-family residential complex, commercial business. municipalities and more.


We are an insured with General Liability & Workman’s Compensation.


Hometown and staff hold a variety of licenses and certifications. We are:

  • Class A General Contractors
  • Licensed Engineering in Kansas & Missouri
  • Commercial Pesticide Applicators,
  • Licensed Plumbers

What we do

As a Class A General Contractor, Hometown can provide construction of any structure.

For our residential, commercial and municipal clients, we provide the services of:

  • Turf Maintenance (mowing / fertilization)
  • Turf Restoration (sod / seeding)
  • Landscape (design / plan installation)
  • Hardscape
  • Irrigation (installation / maintenance / repair)
  • Drainage (structure flooding resolution, soggy yards, water conveyance)
  • Concrete Flatwork (patios, stairs, driveways, sidewalks)
  • Outdoor Living (decks, patios, covered decks/patios, pergolas, specialty structures)
  • Athletic Courts (courts for any sport, with or without sport tiles)